Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have many practical purposes from extending your food preparation space to creating a breakfast bar area for friends and family. Not everyone has the space for an island and sometimes there’s space for two! See examples below of some of our island ideas to suit all spaces.

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Simone kitchen 38
Simone kitchen 41
andrea kitchen 1
andrea kitchen 11
Naomi simon kitchen 00013
Naomi simon kitchen 00002
Nuala kitchen 00006
Nuala kitchen 00005
Theresa kitchen 6
Theresa kitchen 15
Lucy kitchen 00002
Lucy kitchen 00001
Emma kitchen 6
Emma kitchen 2
Kay Judd kitchen 1
Kay Judd kitchen 13
Mrs Ball kitchen 1
Mrs Ball kitchen 3 1
Julia kitchen 7
Julia kitchen 1
Mr Davis kitchen 2
Mr Davis kitchen 9
Trudi Matt kitchen 16
Trudi Matt kitchen 1
Sim kitchen 4
Sim kitchen 6