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The Kerves Lane Classic

Chatsworth Classic Inframe

Here we have the beautiful ‘Kerves Lane Classic’ in our favourite Chatsworth cabinetry, suited perfectly for this stunning property situated in the outskirts of Horsham. Showcasing the striking ‘Bond Street’ colour finish throughout the whole kitchen, inspired by Mylands. We believe once again the Chatsworth has outdone itself with this stunning finish from the simple mantle piece bringing such value to the room, to the abundance of useful storage all around the room.

Featuring the two-tone worktop mix of 30mm CRL Polar White Quartz across the back wall and sink run, providing a simplistic and clean look, in contrast to the vivid Calcutta Venato quartz dominating the room across the spacious island.

Including smart little features like the convenient undercounter built in Neff microwave hidden behind the island, to the cool and handy bar & drinks area, utilising the small spaces the room had to offer. Also, not to mention the enticing amount of food storage, including both bifold dresser units, as well as the full height larder.

All in all, we are very proud of this wonderful project, and believe it showcases not only the endless capabilities of our extremely trustworthy products, but also our amazingly talented designers.

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