Wonderful Worktops

When it comes to choosing your perfect worktop there are lots of options to consider. There are hundreds of colour choices, patterns and finishes but the most important thing to consider is the durability and care needed for your worktop material. Below we’ve outlined some of our favourite worktop materials and colour options to help you on your design journey


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Quartz is one of our favourite worktop materials here at Hamilton Stone Design. Quartz worktops are fabricated from natural stone with the addition of resin, glass or metallic flecks in to create a vast variety of patterns and finishes. By compacting these non-porous materials Quartz becomes a strong, stain resistant, durable worktop. Which is why we recommend Quartz to our customers.


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Granite is a commonly used worktop material. Granite is natural rock that comes in a variety of patterns which are formed naturally within the rock and it is then polished to create a beautiful sheened finish for your kitchen countertops. Granite is a strong material, difficult to scratch and chip but, as it is completely natural, it is not as robust as Quartz which is strengthened with synthetic materials and compression.


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Laminate is an artificial material made up of a layer of plastic, which can come in a vast variety of patters, colours and finishes, on top of a board of chipped wood. Compact laminate worktops provide extra durability and come at 12mm thick for a sleek, modern finish.


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Wood has always been a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Up-keep is very important when it comes to a natural wood worktop, we would recommend treating your wooden worktop every 3 months to help creative a protective seal for your wood and always wipe dry your worktop! We love oak worktops with resin, it adds a modern twist to a classic style.