Mar 24

Popular 2020 Kitchen Trends – In collaboration with Cullifords

The kitchen is the heart of the home; it is where we gather with family and friends and is often one of, if not the most used room in the house. A new kitchen is a big investment and as such, it’s important to carefully consider your design and style choices to make sure you are happy with your decisions for many years to come. So if you’re currently thinking about what colour scheme to go for, which layout will be best for you and your family, or which surface finishes you’d like and are in need of a little inspiration, we’ve teamed up with fine quality surface specialists Cullifords to put together some of the most popular kitchen trends set to dominate 2020

Julia kitchen 1

Broken-Plan Living

Whilst there’s no denying that open-plan living has been extremely popular for many years, it hasn’t always been the best option for everyone. An open-plan approach to kitchen design might be ideal for some who live quite minimalistic lives, but it often worries those with busier households that tend to have a lot more ‘stuff’! This has led to the natural evolution of open-plan into ‘broken-plan’.

A broken-plan kitchen, quite simply, adds a subtle hint of zoning to an open design, whether that be through a freestanding shelf unit, a raised breakfast bar or a cleverly positioned dining area, to provide that little bit of separation of your kitchen from the rest of the house.  So if you are keen to achieve a feeling of spaciousness, this subtle tweak to the open-plan living trend could be the perfect balance you’ve been looking for!

cuckfield kitchen 3

Greens and Blues

Just a quick glance at Pinterest, Instagram or any interior publications will show you that deep navy hues have been an extremely popular choice for kitchens over the past year. And whilst the trend for dark blue kitchens is set to continue throughout 2020, in particular paired with light white marble or marble-effect worktops and splashbacks, we expect to start seeing a lot more green coming through.

Part of the trend for bringing the outside in, green has become increasingly favoured within interiors. The kitchen is somewhere we can naturally welcome a more organic aesthetic and we are starting to see the integration of deep forest greens and emerald hues come through on cabinetry, worktops, tiles and painted walls.

Verde Laponia Marble

Statement Splashbacks

As a central part of the household, the kitchen is the perfect place to express your own sense of individual style and personality. An increased desire to add a unique stamp on interiors has led to homeowners making more striking choices, in particular when it comes to surfaces and splashbacks.

Specialists in both natural and man-made fine quality surfaces, Cullifords has a huge array of beautifully unique materials to help you make a true statement with your splashback. From Italian marbles with exquisite dark veining to granites and quarzites with unusual colourings, an eye-catching splashback can add a luxurious and unique finishing touch to your kitchen scheme.   

Cullifords Quartz Misty Carrara Worktop scaled e1585048013923

Concealed Storage

We all know that a tidy home and less clutter can be beneficial for our overall wellbeing and help with stress, and the kitchen is one of the most important places to get your storage needs right. The trend for clever storage has never been extremely prominent and there are a whole host of ways you can ensure your kitchen meets all of your needs and requirements. From cleverly integrated pantries and larders with plenty of drawer and shelf space, to deep pan drawers and intelligent Le Mans cupboards, the trend for keeping things in order as well as hidden is set to stay with us for a very long time!

torkington kitchen 20

Mixing Colours and Materials

Whether through two-toned colour schemes, mixing painted cabinetry with wood accents or incorporating a variety of different finishes and materials, the trend for mixing and matching in the kitchen is set to carry on through 2020.

Linked in part to the increased desire to create more fluid and versatile living spaces, homeowners are making braver and bolder choices when it comes to their interiors. Whilst a few years ago, it would have been unheard of to combine different metallic finishes in the kitchen or opt for a contrasting worktop material on a central island, it is now becoming the norm. So whether you’re looking to create a distinctive contrast to your cabinetry with a unique marble, or seeking to bring a more rustic and organic aesthetic with wood accents, it seems now more than ever that there are no rules when it comes to what you can mix and match!

Jurassic Marble Worktop e1585047988401

Unique Finishing Touches

From rustic pendant lighting to one-off pieces of furniture and accessories, we are noticing more and more that people are really considering the finishing touches to their kitchens. Part of the developing trend to create truly distinctive spaces that reflect individual tastes and personalities, homeowners are set to continue to incorporate more unique and bespoke finishing touches to their kitchens. From one-of-a-kind surface slabs, to mirrored splash-backs and hidden storage the kitchen has definitely become one of the most versatile and creative canvases to express our true style.

This blog post has been written in collaboration with fine quality man-made and natural stone specialists Cullifords.