May 31

What is a Shaker kitchen?

What is a Shaker kitchen

To understand Shaker Kitchens, we must first start with the Quakers: a society of Christian believers with a simple way of living, many of whom were woodworkers. They brought together their ethos and skills to become one of the most active furniture making communities of the 18th Century.

Four centuries later, while originality, creativity and design have grown in importance, simplicity and function still remain key. This is why Shaker Kitchen designs are still as popular as ever. 

Shaker Kitchens today

So why have Shaker Kitchens stood the test of time? And more importantly, why could this style be for you? These kitchen islands are free standing, traditionally made from wood, with a functional and lightweight design at its core.

If we look back once more, it was necessary for Quakers to move kitchen furniture around, to make room for dancing and worship (hence the term, Shaking Quakers)! Back to the 21st century, unless you’re Sophie Ellis Bextor, there is no real need for a Kitchen Disco ;however, a Shaker Kitchen installation is suited to both a classic and modern home.

What you can expect from a Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Kitchens are natural in their style, with wood stain and a limited colour palette of blues, yellows, greens and reds. If you’re looking for cupboard door handles, you’ll be disappointed as these were considered undesirable features. What you can expect from a beautiful Shaker Kitchen is a simple and practical work bench. The kitchen islands feature recessed panels and a worktop, easily accommodating chairs and becoming a stylish centrepiece.

When all is said and done

At Hamilton Stone, we have spent over 30 years designing, managing and installing high quality kitchens. There is a style of kitchen to suit every home and we’re more than happy to listen, plan and collaborate with you on your kitchen project. Why not take a moment to book a home design consultation to get a sense and feel of what could work for you.