Sep 27

Kitchen Trends of 2022

Kitchen Trends of 2022

From sustainable designs to bold finishes, 2022 has bought us a whole host of kitchen trends, here are some of our favourites…

Bold colours 

Neutral decor is becoming a thing of the past, bold, dark colours have been rumbling around for some time, but they have really come into their own this year. Forest green, burgundy, navy and millennial pink have all been hot features in kitchen decor. Bold colours are a great way to transform a boring kitchen into a luxury kitchen

Herringbone floors

Few people are lucky enough to have original herringbone/ parquet floors in their homes, but that doesn’t mean this design choice is out of the question. These floors don’t have to be timber only either, they can come in porcelain or LVT. 

Kitchen wallpaper

Whilst it is not the most obvious choice for a kitchen, wallpaper can be a great way to bring excitement into the kitchen. Bold patterns paired with bold-coloured units are a great way to create a sense of luxury in your kitchen.

Mesh fronted cabinets

Make sure your cupboards are tidy because mesh-fronted cabinets are here to stay. Metallic lattice fronts are becoming increasingly popular and they are a great way to bring in the gold, bronze and copper tones we are seeing in kitchen design.

Mix matched furniture

If you’re looking for more of a country-kitchen style, mismatched wooden furniture is a great way to create that ‘just thrown together’ look. Collecting vintage furniture is also a great way to keep renovation costs down, whilst also reducing environmental impact.

Statement lighting

Say goodbye to boring spotlights and hello to statement pendants. We are seeing more and more statement lighting in luxury kitchen design. Large, low-hanging pendants can look great over islands.


Cupboards are out, shelving is in, so long as you have some pretty plates and bowls to complete the look. Minimalist shelving with perfectly placed mugs and pots is a great alternative to cupboards.