Oct 24

A Guide to Looking After Natural Stone

A Guide to Looking After Natural Stone

Natural stone is seeing a resurgence in popularity in 2022. With many people opting to have it in their kitchens as work tops and shared spaces. It is a beautiful addition to any home in that it brings the feel of the space back to nature. Offering the bare bones and allowing aesthetic designs to be built up around it. It can be tricky to look after but there are a few hints and tips you can use in our guide to looking after natural stone.

Rule 1: Clean Regularly

Cleaning your natural stone kitchen regularly allows for minimal build up of dirt and grime meaning that you are less likely to have to use an intensive process to clean it which can weather it and make marks. When you clean your natural stone kitchen worktops often, it makes for a simple process and is not as laborious as if you leave it a long time.

Rule 2: Correct Cleaning Products

The less abrasive cleaning products you use on your stone kitchen the better. Acidic and abrasive cleaning products can weather the stone and make it look less than brand new. Warm water and a soft cloth is a great way to clean your stone if you are simply doing a wipe-down. Soapy water with a natural soap can also be a brilliant way to ensure your stone kitchen stays gleaming fresh.

Of course, many people want to use antibacterial and other kitchen cleaners. These are fine too but ensure you follow any dilution instructions and if you are ever in doubt use a lesser obvious section of the stone as a test piece.

Rule 3: Avoid Limescale

Washbasins and drying racks are incredible centrepieces for your natural stone kitchen but can easily get covered in limescale. This can be the end of times for natural stone. The best option you have here is prevention. Thoroughly cleaning, drying and maintaining areas of your stone kitchen that are likely to come into contact with water and or heat is a great method of prevention.

There are countless ways to keep your natural stone kitchen clean and looking brand new. It might take a little more cleaning on a regular basis but that means you have a sparkling and fresh environment to spend time in and cook in for years to come.