Apr 26

Natural stone design inspiration of your home

Natural stone design inspiration of your home

The key contemporary living spaces have always been the use of organic materials that bring natural balance to the space and can ensure longevity of use. From polished stone floor tiles, to rustic kitchen stone walls, we love the versatility that natural stone design can have for the home. As specialists in stone design for your home, we want to show you the possibilities of natural stone design ideas for your home. 

Where can you incorporate natural stone in the home? 

The beauty of natural stone is that there are so many creative ways one can incorporate its various styles into interior concepts that are traditional, classic and modern. Stone surfaces can be paired with intricate ornaments to create breathtaking designs that look just like your favourite luxury home design catalogues.

Stone Accent Walls

Walls have the ability to completely shift the feeling of a room, creating the illusion of space and affecting the way light reflects around it. You can use natural stone to create a stunning accent wall in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. There’s an endless variety of stone types, including granite, limestone, and slate, where we recommend mixing and matching different shapes and sizes for a look that’s effortlessly unique to your home. 

Stone Flooring Concepts

Natural stone flooring is well loved amongst homeowners as it is durable and versatile, and can add elegance and sophisticated charm to any frequently used space. Choose from a variety of stone types and finishes, including polished, honed, and textured to ensure your stone flooring can add complete dimension to your home. Balancing natural colour concepts is the key to utilising the design potential stone flooring can have. Dark browns, beiges and blues retain a certain atmosphere to the space, which can be balanced with lighter stone surfaces that work to give a spacious feel to the rooms in your home.

Natural stone ideas for your kitchen:

Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are not only beautiful but also durable and practical for your cooking and cleaning routine. Granite and marble are popular choices for kitchen countertops as they’re easy to wipe down and retain a beautifully polished finish, while limestone and soapstone are great options for bathrooms for their durability against moisture and steam. Stone countertops are the perfect way to give that expensive feel to your home, without a ridiculous price tag!

Stone Accent Pieces

Incorporate natural stone into your home decor with stone accent pieces, such as vases, candle holders, and bookends that will tie the whole concept seamlessly together. Choose from a variety of stone types and shapes to create a unique look that’s interesting to the eye and to the touch.

Stone Wall Cladding

If anything is on trend right now, it’s the stone wall cladding that gives a rustic New York-style finish to your home’s interior and exterior design. Natural stone can create a beautiful and durable wall cladding for your home or outdoor space. Choose from a variety of stone types and finishes, including stacked stone, ledgestone, and split-face that work together to create a stoney mural that you’ll be sure to see in your favourite home design roundups of this years must-have interior trends!