Apr 01

Everything You Need To Know About German Kitchens

Everything You Need To Know About German Kitchens

When it comes to cutting-edge kitchen design that brings together functionality and style in every detail, German Kitchens might just top the list. From smart organisation, to clean-cut surface finishes made from organic materials, German designers set the bar high on quality kitchen design. 

Your kitchen is the centrepiece of your home. As the leading kitchen design and installation service provider local to you, we think your kitchen is alway worth investing time and money into. Don’t just trust us. German Kitchens are becoming a renowned favourite across the UK, with brands such as Leicht and Schüller making an undeniable imprint on UK kitchen interior. 

After all there’s no more versatile room in the house, and German kitchen concepts will have you reconnecting with the art of fine dining, and falling back in love with your space. There’s no better way to go, than some German innovation and an acute eye for detail when it comes to your new kitchen installation. 

Various styles and colour palettes

If there’s one thing German designers don’t like, it’s to be boxed into a singular style or Kitchen type. Function and minimalist quality are both forefronting concept qualities, however German kitchens know little boundaries when it comes to fine kitchen design. Implementing colour, texture and added definition in key features of the kitchen, are all part of the German kitchen design vision. Getting ahead of trends has always been the German way, yet they manage to simultaneously retain personality and unique quality. Despite a highbrow reputation, German Kitchens can be as colourful and daring as you like. 

Budget-friendly installation

Despite what you may think, quality does not always have to be overly expensive. At Hamilton Stone Design, we stock German Kitchens that ensure you won’t have to compromise on quality for cost. We’ll work hard to get a good idea of your budget, and can advise on a German Kitchen that’s 100% tailored to your specific brief. 

Inspired designs

When it comes to German Kitchens, the capacity for innovation and inspired design is truly endless. From ergonomic units to bespoke countertops that are easy to keep pristine, each detail makes up for a stunning bigger picture. The beauty of German Kitchen designs is the level of balance between brutalist colour schemes and finishes, contrasting with sophisticated furniture and lighting concepts that really bring an ultra-modern feel to the heart of your home. 

 Made to Order

It’s important to us that you feel our services are uniquely tailored to your specific requirements. That’s why our German kitchens are made to order, and we frequently update our collections to ensure they are in line with new trends and design features, all the way from Germany! A ‘Made to Order’ approach ensures easy quality-control from our side, and a quicker installation process to ensure your home’s interior potential is brought to life with some bespoke German craftsmanship!