Jul 23

The Outstanding Features of A German Kitchen

The Outstanding Features of A German Kitchen

Germany is known for its great workmanship, and kitchens are no exception. German kitchen brands are producing some of the chicest designs, and the most functional spaces. Below are some of the reasons German kitchens are so hyped up…

German Engineering 

We’ve all heard praises sung about German engineering when it comes to other industries, for example, cars and household appliances. This same perfection and finesse are being applied when it comes to constructing the perfect kitchen. Germans designed the first, well-known, modular kitchen, and since then they have designed a great range of space-saving technologies, such as fitted cupboards. 

High-Quality Materials

The materials being used in German kitchens are of the highest standard. The reason German kitchens are so desired is due to their longevity. Superior materials are being used, which means the kitchens are lasting longer, and are proving to be a better investment. German quality is excellent, which gives German kitchens that premium feel that many other kitchens tend to lack. 

A Focus on Functionality

Not only are they sticklers for aesthetics, but they have a keen eye for functionality too. German kitchens are known for fitting practicality into minimalist designs. The kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking, it has become the hub of the family home, and so the smart use of gadgets and accessories is essential. Ergonomics has always been a key aspect of German kitchen design, so you’ll often find the space is used to its fullest, in a creative way.

An Eye for Detail

German kitchens are known for their details, be it slick lines, clever lighting, or effortless constructions, all these things work together to create a flawless design, with no detail left ignored. Despite the full extent of their functionality, ‘less is more’ is still maintained as an important philosophy when it comes to design, making German kitchens a minimalist’s dream.