Feb 22

Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

How Can Kitchen Designers Help You?

Rustic kitchens have a great deal of character and charm and are all the rage right now. Yet you don’t need to sacrifice style for rusticity. The key is to balance your chunky wood surfaces with industrial details and natural finishes. We love incorporating exposed brick into a rustic kitchen along with dark wooden flooring and white cabinets for a modern twist on this country-inspired style – perfect for a mediterranean style farmhouse or urban apartment! Whatever space you’re trying to rusticate, Hamilton Stone Design are the experts and we’re here to breakdown some rustic kitchen design ideas for your home. 

1. Industrial is in!

Industrial references are having a major moment in kitchen decor. The rustic look is intrinsically linked to the industrial trend. Rustic kitchens feature exposed pipeworks and metal detailing, wooden tables and plenty of natural light. It’s easy to feel like you are designing in the countryside with this look – but with an edge!

2. Stone effect tiles 

A natural element to your home is key when creating a rustic kitchen design that’s authentic and stylish. Some striking rusticated slate stone effect tiles are the key to creating a balance between super-industrial features and natural elements such as dark wood surfaces. Create a rustic farmhouse illusion with stone tiles for your flooring on the central feature wall in your kitchen. They’re the perfect way to add some depth, and intense personality to your rustic-looking interior. Porcelain tiles are durable, and made to last making them perfect for any kitchen wear and tear. 

3. Pattern up. 

With the origins of the rustic aesthetic stemming from old country estates or surrounding farmhouses, patterned wallpaper is a must to ensure you’re really going all out to get that vintage look. Patterned wallpaper or even a rustic patterned crockery collection, look particularly effective when set against neutral and organic surfaces, and darker furniture. 

Adding a touch of vibrant and eye-catching pattern is key to pulling the timeless rustic farmhouse look together. 

4. Lighting is always key

Lighting is the ultimate way to accentuate the key features of your new rustic kitchen. Get creative with how you light up your kitchen. Candles are the perfect way to add some atmospheric lighting and really bring some charm and character to the centre of your home. Upcycled jars and vintage pots are a stunning (and environmental) way to add some light to the situation. You also can’t go wrong with some industrial light fixtures that contrast nicely with the more bespoke and clean cut elements of your kitchen design project. Keeping things dim and mellow is the way to go when it comes to a rustic kitchen lighting scheme. 

5. It’s all in the (rusticated) details

Add some frills for thrills, with a vintage cupboard skirt to really have guests second guessing if they’ve stepped into Downtown Abbey. This is a trusty technique to ensure no clutter is visible, and a great way to inject some sprightly pattern into your rustic decor plan. We also love a vintage enamel sign, which you can source online or, if you’re lucky, a car boot sale nearby! The details of your interior are they key for accentuating your rustic kitchen look, in a way that’s affordable, stylish and kind to the environment when sourced second-hand.