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Where to invest in your kitchen: the ‘wow’ factor

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It can take months, years or even decades to pin down your dream home, and it’s something that nearly everyone is striving for. According to research carried out by Direct Line Home Insurance earlier this year – 22% of UK buyers would love a home with an infinity pool and giant hot tub whilst 12% are looking for a property with its own wine cellar.

Whilst on your journey to creating your dream home (hot tub and all!), it makes sense that your dream kitchen is is not only the perfect family room, but also creates the most enjoyable cooking/dining/living experience for years to come.

As well as this, investing in a bespoke, top-of-the-range and highly functional kitchen will mean whoever you pass the property down to will reap the benefits, not forgetting that you will enjoy it for the remainder of the time you do spend in the house!

We’ve put together a list of the key elements of a kitchen that can transform the space to make it truly special for you and your family, whilst also resulting in a higher return on your investment.

Read on for a breakdown of the ‘wow’ factor…

Start your Dream Kitchen Journey

Host with style

One of our clients asked for the ultimate “wow factor” for hosting parties. We built a bespoke island with a champagne sink in the centre. What do you think of this idea?

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invest in your kitchen

Quooker boiling taps

Quooker taps are our favourite boiling tap option, and it’s not just us that thinks it! They appear in over 600,000 kitchens and have a multitude of functionality options. Our favourite is the Quooker Flex which has an extendable hose. Check out their video showing just a few of its many uses!

Innovative appliances

When it comes to appliances, Neff has a truly extensive range. Their clever Slide&Hide oven door is a beautiful safety feature that allows for full oven access without obstructing your kitchen space. Hamilton Stone is a Neff master partner, meaning we offer the full range of Neff products including the exclusive master partner range!

New techology

We’re always searching for innovative ways to hide appliances and make the living space of the kitchen more functional. This induction hob houses its own downdraft extractor, has fume and odour extraction speeds five times faster than the rising speed and runs at impressively low volume, meaning you can entertain in your open-plan space whilst preparing food without a hitch. This brand new feature is available from November 2018!

NikolaTesla Switch Ductout black

Hidden features

Remember the ‘Monica cupboard’ in Friends? We know appliances, utensils and belongings can often make kitchens feel cluttered. As a solution for this, we design many kitchens with bifold cupboard doors to hide appliances behind and make sure your space always feels tidy and neat with plenty of workspace!

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Make the island the hub of your home

Finally, we think one of the best ‘wow’ features is the addition of a kitchen island. They can really transform a space from a place that is only used for preparing and eating food to the social hub of the home, bringing all the family together. We love adding oak worktops to islands to bring in extra warmth to the decor, and this works especially well if you have exposed beams in your kitchen.

invest in your kitchen

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