Oct 08

New for November: The Elica NikolaTesla Switch

NikolaTesla Switch Ductout black

At Hamilton Stone Design we are always on the lookout for the latest appliances to recommend to our customers. It’s amazing what new, innovative and downright clever creations are out there!

We are really excited to bring you the new NikolaTesla Switch Hob from Elica from November. This expertly-designed hob combines intuitive technology and unique performance to create the ultimate cooking appliance that will also fit seamlessly into your beautiful new kitchen.

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Why opt for the NikolaTesla Switch?

Rotating Flap Extractor

The main focal point of this hob is the unique extractor design, which is a rotating flap placed in the centre of the appliance, pulling cooking fumes downwards. When activated the flap is rotated and when switched off the design is flush to the countertop, making it a neat addition to your kitchen work surface. It also has Elica AIRCAPTURE installed, which will enable the fan to automatically adjust itself according to the quantity of fumes and the kind of odours emitted.

Odour Filter

It can also be fitted with an Odour filter to minimise the smells filling the rest of the room. Perfect for those with large open plan living spaces.

Silent but powerful

Kids always complaining they can’t hear the TV whilst you’re cooking? Not anymore with this ultra-silent extractor. The perfect addition to any family room.

Keep it tidy

Not only does the hob look sleek in two different finishes (black tempered glass or white gloss), it is also easy to clean and therefore a practical addition to any family home. With completely invisible controls it blends seamlessly into the worktop.

Cleaning 2

Easy to Clean

The flush look with invisible controls makes thorough cleaning a breeze.

control 2

Easy to use

The control system has a slider function makes it simple and intuitive to use.

Silence 2

Powerful but Silent

The power/silent ratio is the best out there, with an extraction speed of 5.1 m/sec and noise level of 59 db (A).

maintenance 2

Easy to Maintain

The grease and ceramic filters are easily removable to allow for maintenance of the extraction flue.

Interested in seeing how the NikolaTesla Switch could work in your kitchen?

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