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Neff Slide and Hide – why do you need it?

Neff Slide and Hide

At Hamilton Stone Design we are always keen to recommend the best appliances for our customers, and the Neff Slide and Hide is one of our favourite ovens! And it’s not only ours, the Neff Slide and Hide can best be seen on Channels 4’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’!

With a sleek design where the oven door slides away under the oven cavity, you’ll be able to access all those hard-to-reach places, plus it’s a fantastic safety option if you have the pitter patter of tiny feet in your kitchen or a habit of walking into things!

So, why choose the Neff Slide N’ Hide? We’ve broken it down below…

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Why opt for the Neff Slide n Hide??

Easily accessible

The unique door of the oven opens and slides into the bottom of the cavity, making whatever is in your oven easier to access. The mechanism is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use, opening up and sliding under in one slick movement. Get as close as possible to see how your dishes are doing, without needing to pull the shelf out to look at them!

Easy to clean

An oven that’s easy to clean?! Isn’t that the dream… The direct access you have to the oven makes cleaning it all the more simple which means that your time won’t be wasted in an effort to get your oven sparkling again. If that wasn’t enough, you can also use the in-built Easyclean or Pyrolytic cleaning programmes to get rid of any day-to-day grease and grime!

Safety first

The hideaway door means that you no longer have to worry about the door being a hazard around the kitchen, and it also means manoeuvring around your kitchen and moving things from oven to kitchen counter will be safer and less cumbersome. It also reduces the risks that come with a hot oven door.

Uniquely stylish

If you’re a bit of a gadget lover, you’ll be pleased to know that this oven is completely unique, so you’ll have the most innovative oven on the market! Invite everyone over for a dinner party and show off your high-tech oven in your gorgeous new Hamilton Stone kitchen!

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Take your cooking to the next level

With the fan technology of the Slide and Hide, hot air will be evenly circulated around the oven even when the door is open, allowing you to easily taste, baste, and check how your dish is cooking quicker than ever before. Keep a closer eye on your food to make sure it passes the ultimate taste test at your dinner parties!

Neff Master Partner

As a certified Neff Master Partner, we get exclusive access to Neff appliances and have expert knowledge about them. Get in touch to pick our brains!

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Neff Slide and Hide
Neff Slide and Hide

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