Sep 27
Kitchen Trends of 2022

Kitchen Trends of 2022

From sustainable designs to bold finishes, 2022 has bought us a whole host of kitchen trends, here are some of our favourites… Bold colours  Neutral decor is becoming a thing of the past, bold, dark colours have been rumbling around for some time, but they have really come... read more →
Aug 29
Features of a Luxury Kitchen

The Features of a Luxury Kitchen

A lot of people would argue that a sleek and modern kitchen design, combined with functionality, is key to a luxury kitchen. When putting together a luxury kitchen, it is important to have beautiful finishes all the while sticking to a design preference, for example contemporary, historic, or... read more →
Jul 23
The Outstanding Features of A German Kitchen

The Outstanding Features of A German Kitchen

Germany is known for its great workmanship, and kitchens are no exception. German kitchen brands are producing some of the chicest designs, and the most functional spaces. Below are some of the reasons German kitchens are so hyped up… German Engineering  We’ve all heard praises sung about German... read more →
Jul 02
The Features Of A Contemporary Kitchen

The Features Of A Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is more than just a space in your house with a modern feel. It is a kitchen that is up-to-date with the latest appliances and often possesses a newer, more distinctive design. Here are some incredibly common characteristics of a contemporary kitchen. Common Characteristics of... read more →
May 31
What is a Shaker kitchen

What is a Shaker kitchen?

To understand Shaker Kitchens, we must first start with the Quakers: a society of Christian believers with a simple way of living, many of whom were woodworkers. They brought together their ethos and skills to become one of the most active furniture making communities of the 18th Century.... read more →
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