Spring to Summer

Check out our favourite Spring to Summer trends and colours with a few ideas on how to accessorise your home for the season too!

Bognor Regis kitchen 15 copy 2 1
Powder blues, like the colour in this Hamilton Stone Design kitchen, which was inspired by Farrow and Ball’s ‘Parma Gray’, look gorgeous in the sunny seasons
Lulworth Blue
Yellow Ground
Purbeck Stone
Slipper Satin
classic kitchen design
Summer calls for celebration and we can’t think of a better way to store the champagne!
Sarahs kitchen 24 1000s
Contemporary Kitchen
  • Luke kitchen 13
  • West Sussex Kitchen
  • claire kitchen 5
clever kitchen storage
Keep your kitchen from feeling too clinical by adding a splash of colour to give the room shadows and depth. Bright blues are very on trend this spring and summer!
Quartz 'Vincenza'
Quartz 'Reflection'
Quartz 'St Helens White'
Quartz 'Orion'
Quartz 'Airy Concrete'
Quartz 'Aleutain White'
Traditional Kitchen Design Mantlepiece
Bespoke Contemporary Kitchen
Ardingly Kitchen Design
Glass splashback 'Sky Blue'
Glass splashback 'Sunshine'
Glass splashback 'Coarse silver'
Glass splashback 'Forget Me Not'
Glass splashback 'Jade'
Glass splashback 'Heather'
claire kitchen 48 e1557500023963
Let the natural light of the season fill your space. Light greys can take on blue and purples depths and use furniture to add a pop of colour, like this gorgeous deep blue
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